Audello Review (The Fastest Way To Build Podcast Subscribers?)

Could this be the fastest way to build podcast subscribers? There have been some cool trends in podcasting tools. Today, many people are using online platforms for trading, socializing, and shopping.

This has opened avenues for internet marketers to sell their products and earn a considerable sum. However, online marketing systems are getting competitive, with more and more entrepreneurs turning online to tap customers. In such a scenario, you need to use a strategy that will grab the attention of potential customers and ensure better conversions.

Here, practical video marketing tools such as Josh Bartletts Audello come into the picture to help out. The following review of Audello will let you know why this podcasting product is worth it for any online marketer.

What is Audello And What Does It Offer?

Audello is an audio and podcast component that enhances your podcasting experience. It is a brand new podcasting service intended to build your email list, increase your audience and grow your business. Unlike other podcasting tools, Audello is a one-stop solution for all of your podcast marketing needs. Whether you are a new entrepreneur trying to set up a venture or a well-established marketer, Audello will help you attain your audio marketing goals.

As well as being an “all in one podcasting solution,” Audello can be considered an audio marketing software command center to organize and power your marketing. It is a cutting-edge tool for automating and powering your podcasts. If you are new to podcasting, no problem – the software will help you learn the basics and provide an extensive training course to get started with podcasting. Once you get experienced, you will have a perfect game plan to popularize your podcasts for better results in the growing audience, increasing mailing list, and ultimate customer base.

You get full training on podcasting with case studies, techniques, interviews, and lots more. You also have your hands on a more advanced, robust set of marketing tools that have been released in the marketing world – everything inside one hosted app. It is cool to have all such benefits.

As a marketing professional, you get to upload podcasts you have previously recorded or record them through your desktop app. If you are on the go, you can record the podcast via the iPhone app. Once you have finished recording the podcast, you can upload it to any podcast distribution network like Itunes or Amazon. If you don’t know how to go about recording and uploading, don’t worry. There is a step by step instructions on all these things.

It is also possible to embed the podcast players on your website or customize the player as you want. Above all, you can add an “event” inside the podcast, such as having a pop-up at the desired time to capture mailing addresses. The options are limitless with this podcasting software.

What is the idea behind the creation of Audello?

Most podcast products aim to enhance marketing; Audello takes your video marketing tenure to a new level. The main reason for creating this podcast tool is to use the power of distribution podcast networks and podcasting networks to make an extensive list of engaged audiences for your venture. The software aims to find and reach out to people who might be interested in the products and services you offer.

It also aims at grabbing subscribers and building a targeted list for potential sales. With the help of this innovative podcasting software, it is possible to attain these objectives without spending a dime on pay-per-click marketing, affiliate marketing, or advertising. The software lets you reap the benefits of podcasting content in multiple ways.

How does the tool work?

It is an iPhone, desktop, and web app that will automate the process of high-quality podcast content creation, upload them to current syndication networks and get subscribers to create your desired mailing list. Creating podcasts with Audello is pretty simple. You go to your dashboard, enter the name of your podcast content, the category, your email, name, the keywords, the description of the podcast, and the URL of the podcast.

Once your podcast is set up, the software starts tracking your content and gives an in-depth analysis of audience interactions, engagements, geographical data, and traffic sources. In this way, you get a clear picture of what your audiences are doing, when they engage, and where to they come from. All these details could help to improve your results and subsequent profits.

Audello Walkthrough

There is a good walkthrough demo video on the sales page. Just click the image below and scroll down a bit until you find it.

Unique Features Included In Audello

The software has few unique features in its trick bag that make it even more powerful when combined with other marketing tools. It is a pretty cheaper alternative for any business. Some of the highlighting features of the product are explained below. It is an excellent marketing product that goes well with a podcast, media host, and other business tools. If your goal with your podcast is huge profits, this is a great start to reaching that goal.

Split testing

If you are a serious online marketer, you will love this particular feature. Split testing lets you serve different versions of colors, timed events, graphics, multimedia, page, and text randomly. This feature intends to figure out what will work better through varied testing of texts and pictures. For instance, conducting a split-test on your website will let you spot that using a blue button entices more purchases compared to a red button.

Since podcasting mainly revolves around audio files, the product incorporates a split test of audio, different calls to action, etc. This allows you to check multiple versions of audio. You get a chance to check all the samples and keep the audio that works better.

Audio bars

In case you integrate this software with Soundcloud and Speaker, you are likely to get the drill of audio bars. The concept makes a bar at the viewport of your browser, either the top or bottom. It helps to display the chosen audio file you wish to play.

Audello voice

The software can give your potential prospects the option to record their feedback in audio format. The setup requires a bit of labor on your part. It would be best if you had the advanced Amazon S3 setup or a similar one.

Audello’s design

The interface is well designed and offers a series of video help along the way. As such, you get solutions to all of your problems and queries as you move along. The players are really attractive and allow some color themes.


Audello lets you make your playlists quickly. While other podcast players include this feature, Audello provides far better customization on playlists. Using customization, you can create pleasing and eye-catchy lists that will drive the attention of visitors.

Standalone apps

The product provides Windows, IOS, and OS X apps to incorporate with your account. However, these applications are basic and do simple functions on recording and uploading. The desktop apps can also record Skype calls, which might be extremely important to some podcasters.

Pricing and support

Audello is modestly priced to fit the wallet of all levels of marketers. Even beginners can afford the cost of the product. You get to use a cutting-edge product for your video marketing needs in exchange for a small amount.

While the product includes videos and everything you want to get along with podcasting, there are times when something might go wrong. In such cases, you can contact Audello and get in touch with the support staff and have your issues resolved. The support staff is handy at addressing all sorts of grievances and queries to your fullest satisfaction. Whether you need help troubleshooting an issue or usage of the product, the support team is ever ready to help out.


The Skype recording feature from the desktop app is not working correctly. Many podcasters are encountering issues. However, this issue is being addressed to provide a possible solution to podcasters in this area. Other than that, you will hardly find a problem with the software.

Does the product work?

As a podcaster, you would want to figure out whether Audello is worth your podcasting needs or not, whether it is another scam to rip you financially. Well, the product works. If you are a serious marketer, you ought to have this product in your marketing campaign.

Yes, the software delivers desired results. An online marketer created the software – an influential who has designed many other web technologies to boost online marketing. The product has also worked for professional marketers like Cliff Ravenscraft, who is supposed to be a guru in Internet marketing.

Additionally, the product offers a cash reward for promoting it. By recommending this fantastic tool to other marketers, you could earn a decent side income along with your regular business income. Even leading names such as Soundcloud and Speaker have Audello integrated within their software.

Since the product has proven practical to guru marketers like Cliff, it will help your marketing tenure. The standalone apps of the software are efficient, and the product can blend with other company products. In a nutshell, the software does work and is 100 percent legitimate.

Audello – Bottom line Of Reviews

Online marketing can be a cumbersome chore due to cutthroat competition, especially when increasing listening to podcasts. However, you can ease this chore through an innovative video marketing tool such as Audello review. Aside from higher sales, you get a chance to interact with customers, which ensures a better customer retention rate and new customers. The product works perfectly and will help you to take your online marketing tenure to new heights.