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Now that you have decided to podcast, you must first of all decide on where your media files will be hosted. One thing is for sure. You will want the files to be hosted in a reliable place, so that your listeners/viewers will have little issue with comfortably accessing them. While any podcaster in 2019 is free to choose to host their own website on the top podcast hosting, there are some advantages offered by a third-party media podcast hosting service that the former cannot provide.  Let’s get up to speed!

You will first of all need to thoroughly analyze your goals before you choose an option. There are a few questions that you will need to ask yourself and answer them with all honesty. For example, what is it that you want your podcast to do? Do you want to sell something? Do you want the flexibility to change things on your site at your wish? What is your budget? All these things matter for choosing hosting for podcasting.

There are a few considerations that you need to keep in mind, which will help you make the right choice. Let us take a closer look at them.

Where Can I Host My Podcast?

The hosting company that I recommend is Buzzsprout.  Click here to sign up free hosting and get a $20 Amazon gift card when you upgrade to a paid plan that starts at only around $12 per month.  I really like the simplicity of it.  Easily upload a new podcast episode with a couple clicks.  The free account allows you to get your feet wet with 2 hours of episode time.  Then when you need more, you simply upgrade. (when you do upgrade, I recommend adding in the 128K option just to give a better sound quality).  It also gives you cool embed options to easily add embedded audio from your podcast to your website.  You can even easily connect it with iTunes.  Consider Buzzsprout!

other podcast hosting services for 2019 hostsHopefully the recommendation above works well for you.  I am sure it will!  If not, maybe also consider Blubrry, Libsyn or Podbean.

Website Hosting Vs. Third Party Media Hosting Services

It goes without saying that with the rising popularity of the internet there are scores of web hosting services available these days. But hosting podcast media files is something that they are not adept at for various reasons. For example, if your show were to become popular, there could be problems having to serve the content to say about 1000 odd listeners due to bandwidth limits.

Website Or WordPress Best Podcast Host

Several podcasters have experimented with web hosting services, but they have experienced problems once their podcasts became popular, due to bandwidth issues. In such cases, the host would then ask you to switch to a dedicated service, which is going to cost you more. If you don’t, then the downloads of your podcasts would become extremely slow.

Podcast Hosts Third Party Media

On the other hand, you need not worry about any of these issues with a third-party media hosting service. They are specialized in offering such services and would definitely know the kind of hosting a podcaster requires. Not only this, with a media hosting service, you can also get statistics on specific data that you may want. Most hosting services will offer this service. You can find out how many people are downloading, as well as listening to your podcasts. The data may provide you invaluable data about the popularity of your podcast.

Podcast Hosting Pros And Cons To Consider

  • Both having your own server and media hosting come with their own set to pros and cons. With hosting in your own server, you will first of all need to handle bandwidth issues. Then you must also be ready to take care of any issue pertaining to hardware maintenance or failure.
  • Backing up data is another important factor that you will need to take care off with web hosting services.
  • When it comes to the advantages with hosting the podcast on your own server is that you will have complete control over your media. However, these days even media hosting services offer plenty of control, as well as customization. This is the reason they are more popular among podcast enthusiasts. Plus of course the kind of added services that they provide, such as handling security and keeping you protected from hackers, enough bandwidth, analytics and statistics, etc.
  • You must also keep the future in mind. The amazing pace at which technology is changing is something that needs to be factored in when you decide on your hosting choice. You need to think of the goals that you want your podcasts to achieve. You could aim for something specific such as video podcasts. In such a case, a media hosting service would be the right option for you.

Host Budgets In 2019

Remember, there are no free lunches in today’s highly competitive business environment. Everything comes at a cost. Now this cost need not necessarily mean only money or currency. It could cost you skill. It could also cost you time. So, all these aspects must be kept in mind, when choosing hosting for podcasting.

If you feel that you simply don’t have the skill for hosting and then managing your own server, then you can straightaway opt for a media hosting service. Similarly, if you are not confident about the technical stuff, your choice even in this instance should be a third-party media hosting service.

You also need to plan for your monthly budgets for keeping your podcasts going on in the future too. Make a long-term analysis of your goals and list them down clearly. Based on the plans you can always forecast the budget that you will be requiring to keeping running the show successfully.

Go Through The Best Referrals

It costs you nothing to seek advise from other podcasters. Make sure that you network with at least a few of the successful ones. This way you can get invaluable information on where to host your podcast. They could also recommend you a few hosting companies. Remember, they could be the most honest sources of opinion that you can find.

There are quite a few podcast hosting providers who have been in the business since its early days. Whenever you choose a hosting company, make sure that you choose one that has such credentials. It should have had extensive experience in podcasts, since it is a highly specialized field. Find out whether they will be investing in new features and also keep up with the rapid changes in technologies in the future. The company that you choose should also be willing to listen to you and clarify all your doubts.

Best Podcast HosT Conclusion

podcast hosting - host for podcastingBeing a successful podcaster is something that doesn’t happen overnight. As you are aware by now, there are several factors involved – especially when searching for a host. Finding the top podcast hosting is a crucial one among them. Again, this could take time. The key here is to be patient. There are many who have regretted having taken a decision in haste. Patiently consider all these 2019 greatest podcasting host options options available to you, carefully analyze them and then zero- in on the right choice.

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